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In today's interconnected world, there is high demand for well-written content. Our goal as a client-oriented LSP is to help you generate accurate and powerful content that resonates with your audience. 

At WORDSURF, we navigate the sea of words with a strong drive and dedication. Join us as we ride the waves of global communication, fueled by our love for what we do. Together, let's break barriers, build bridges, and explore the power of words.

Our company history

WORDSURF rose from humble beginnings in 2011. From day one, our focus was crystal clear: to provide businesses with the language services they need to thrive in the global market. We began as a translation company focusing on Romanian and English content, handling document and text-only projects for customers worldwide. Our portfolio rapidly expanded to include renowned international companies and EU organizations. To meet our customers' needs, we diversified our expertise, offering services such as software/website localization, subtitling, and voice-over. This expansion allowed us to serve our clients better and fulfill their diverse requirements.

As our journey has unfolded, we've not only stayed true to our translation roots - we've also cultivated a strong range of services, each with the same dedication to quality and precision. Our team consists of talented linguists and industry experts employing cutting-edge technology to ensure every project is delivered with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. We are constantly evolving and improving our methods to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Today, we take pride in our position as a trusted language service provider in the Romanian market. With a solid foundation and a clear sense of purpose, we continuously strive to deliver exceptional services. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer-centric values is what sets us apart in the industry.

Our mission

Your story is universal and language doesn't have to be a barrier. At WORDSURF, we leverage the power of language to bridge communication gaps, ensuring your message is rendered accurately. As an experienced provider of professional translation, localization, subtitling, and voice-over services, our mission is clear – to empower businesses worldwide with the linguistic tools they need to fulfill their goals.

We believe in eliminating language barriers to facilitate communication, fostering understanding, and forging connections that transcend borders. Our dedication to excellence, cutting-edge technology, and industry professionals ensure that your message is not only accurately translated, but its essence and nuances are captured, too. We strive to be an instrumental partner in your global journey, helping you connect, engage, and succeed in a multilingual world.

Join us on our mission to connect people through words. Let WORDSURF be your reliable companion, guiding you through the world of languages.


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